Jana Tulloch
Jana founded Tulloch Consulting in 2013 while still working full-time in the public sector, with the goal of creating a consulting agency that would enable small businesses to thrive through great people practices. In early 2016, she was able to focus her full attention on the business and it has successfully grown since then to serve clients across North America, Australia, and many other countries.

Her values inspire her approach to work: transparency, honesty, and collaboration. She is a firm believer in two things: continuous learning, and that everyone has something positive to contribute, regardless of experience or role.

When not working she can be found doing the mom-shuttle to softball and lacrosse with her younger kids (there’s five in total), or travel planning: her goal is to visit all 7 continents (4 down, 3 to go!) as well as a very long list of other destinations (Malta, Croatia, and Iceland top the list).

Shannon Braun
Shannon Braun joined Tulloch Consulting in 2017 and has been relied upon to support a wide range of client projects. She has gained an extensive HR Generalist knowledge base through her work in the non-profit sector and particularly relishes projects where HR strategy, research, and employment law are involved. She is also the mastermind behind Public Safety Resumes.

A continuous learner, Shannon is always looking to gain new knowledge from each client and project and use her powers for good to create meaningful, efficient, HR solutions. She is a mom to two very energetic girls that keep her very busy and, in her spare time, volunteers as a Board Director for a local non-profit. She is also a lover of indie music, fiction novels and creative writing.

Dawn Bartnik
Dawn joined Tulloch Consulting in 2020 as a Client Lead, and provides strategic and tactical support across all HR pillars. In 2019 Dawn founded Coast Recruitment & HR Services which provides on-demand HR and Recruitment expertise aimed at helping organizations secure and retain top talent, as well as navigate change in systems and processes. Dawn has worn many hats over her 15 years in HR prior to founding her company, and has continued to grow her expertise through partnering with companies across North America and across numerous industries (actually, pretty much all industries!) She is passionate about meeting new people and learning about their organizations, their systems, and their cultures, and over the years has cultivated deep insight into what attracts, motivates, and engages top performers. When not working, Dawn can be found relaxing on her back deck, planning her next reno.

Hasham Ibrahim
Sham is Tulloch Consulting's Admin & Marketing Assistant, and can be found developing our newsletters and other marketing initiatives as well as providing administrative support to the team. He is passionate about helping small businesses improve their organizational systems to drive better performance. Sham has a history in the Retail industry and aspires to go into the Fashion industry in the future, and when not working, is developing a blog on men's fashion. He is also the Artistic Director for a non-for-profit Hip Hop dance organization called Future Shock Toronto that aims to utilize dance culture to cultivate education, enrichment, and entertainment to inspire people positive change within the community.

Partner: Dr. Dan Nuendorf
With over 25 years of experience as a Management Consultant, Coach and Trainer, Dr. Dan Neundorf has crafted and led hundreds of consulting, coaching and training events across the world. Dan has a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Beyond his industry-leading training and experience, Dan has an extraordinary natural talent for connecting with people and drawing out their potential for personal growth and organizational contribution. More info about Dan here.