Alignment is key to success - ensuring your troops are all moving in the same direction and supporting the organization's goals are paramount to a company's success, yet often pieces are missing that show up in reduced employee performance, high turnover, low morale, and other not-so-fun items.

HR Audits - Designing a HR strategy begins with an evaluation of current HR practices to help establish a strong foundation from which to operate. We collaborate with your team to review current practices, and design a road map which clearly outlines your HR priorities. Areas that we review include practices around hiring and managing your employees, compensation, documentation management, occupational health and safety, mandatory policy requirements, training and development, and so on.

Functional Area Reviews - need only to take a closer look at a specific HR area? Reviews of individual functional areas, such as recruitment, engagement, compensation, policy, and so on are all available. We work closely with your in-house HR or operational representative to figure out how to best streamline processes and implement best-practices.

HR Team Alignment - there's that word again! We can step in on an as-needed basis to coach and support your in-house HR team, increasing velocity through regular stand-ups and goal setting.


"A very knowledgeable HR professional who quickly understands what clients are asking and provides guidance, coaching, timely and valuable feedback. I look forward to working with her again soon." Faisal F.

"Jana does excellent work. Her knowledge of HR Practices is top notch and I highly recommend her with without hesitation.." Dan N.