Outplacement Services

Looking after departing employees is just as important as looking after your current staff.

No one likes to let an employee go; often the individual is great, but the role simply wasn't the best fit for them. Keeping the post-employment relationship positive has a lasting impact on your brand as an employer, and can reap benefits far beyond the immediate of supporting a graceful exit. This is where Outplacement Services come in. As a boutique firm, we partner with the employee one-on-one to help them re-imagine their next position, and provide them with the tools to help them get there.

Complete Outplacement Support (Non-Executive Level Roles): $1099. Includes one month of post job support including career strategy session and tools, new resume/cover letter/LinkedIn profile, 6-Step Job Search Action Plan, and interview coaching (30 min plus targeted support for up to two specific scheduled interviews).

Premier Outplacement Support (Non-Executive Level Roles): $1799. All of the above, plus individualized job search support (we will source appropriate job postings, act as their employment advocate, and assist in finding targeted roles, helping them be more efficient in finding their next position).

Custom quotes are available for Executive Level roles.

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