Contract Recruitment - let's face it, recruiting is not only time consuming, it can be challenging just to find qualified candidates. We take the pain out of recruiting, and provide you with only pre-qualified, top-tier talent. We do it by partnering with clients to fully understand the requirements of the role, the values of the organization, and the must-have list of competencies. Then we get moving - we uncover the hidden talent by reaching out to our network, connecting with passive candidates, and posting your opportunity.

We pre-screen and verify experience, and provide you with candidate summaries that you can be confident of.

We are also able to assist with creating job descriptions, job postings, interview questions (behaviour-based), and other selection components depending on your needs.

Ad-Hoc Recruitment Support - looking for some individualized support for a large recruitment? Have about 1000 resumes that need reviewing? Not sure what sort of questions to be asking in an interview? (or for that matter, worried about asking the wrong questions?!) Use us as a resource on an as-needed basis. We can help you make your recruitment a lot less stressful and way more efficient. We promise.