HR Support

Small Business - Being a business owner keeps you busy; often you suddenly find yourself with a team of staff and no systems or processes in place to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction, never mind measuring performance or figuring out how to deal with conduct or other issues. We step in and partner with you to take a look at where your company is and where you want to be when it comes to your people-practices, and then put the foundations in place to get you there. From developing handbooks and policies, to creating recruitment pipelines, to job descriptions and organizational structure - if it's people-related, we can help.

Established Companies - Everyone is stretched to capacity, and that includes your existing HR department. That's where we come in - we are able to step in and pitch in without any training or commitment - right from helping with a rush recruitment campaign to leading an HR change initiative or assessment. Limited engagements to help your HR team members when they need it the most.

Performance Management

High performing staff need regular feedback and a clear idea of what is expected of them; performance management has evolved from the 'we only hear if we are doing something wrong' or the dreaded once annual formal review to something that is more ingrained in the day-to-day life of employees. Today's organizations are changing and staff are moving on in their careers far sooner than in years past. Managing performance is not only about coaching for continued success, it's also about correctly addressing performance gaps before they become larger issues.

Employee Relations & Compliance

Employment is regulated, regardless of your geographical location. Ensuring you are compliant with local laws and regulations is critical, and taking the right steps when dealing with employee discipline, including terminations, is critical.

Employee conduct can also sometimes be challenging; having an HR professional as a sounding board or for straight up advice is a huge benefit.

New Manager Coaching

Those new to management or supervisory roles can often run into employee scenarios that they may not have yet developed the skills to effectively resolve. One-on-one coaching of new managers, with a focus on increasing leadership competencies, can be a great resource that will help them become better managers, faster.

Total Rewards / Compensation

Struggling to align your compensation plan to performance metrics? Unsure of what direct, indirect, and non-financial components help shape a total rewards philosophy? Struggling to attract and retain great team members? A review of current compensation practices can help pinpoint potential problem areas.